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Entry #2

January Movie Jam

2011-01-30 18:03:09 by shanekunz

So I made my movie for the January Movie Jam in about 34 hourssssss yayaya. What's even more exciting than that is that people actually like it hahaha. Me and my friend murph recorded the voices in seriously less than 10 minutes. And then it got front page and I literally jizzed myself. thank you so much everyone for not hating it. I love you all. I will keep on making shit.


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2011-01-31 17:43:28

This was so sexy that i had to switch to porn%uFEFF when my dad came in.

Srsly though, good job.

^ delete that comment up there pls my post got messed up

shanekunz responds:

haha same thing happened to me dude!